How to identify fare adjustments made by Uber


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Hello -

I've heard some stories about Uber adjusting fares after the fact, based on complaints by customers, and that this is done "silently" without getting the driver's side of the story.

Is there a way for drivers to identify rides that have had their fares adjusted? Obviously, we could make a log and/or take screenshots of the fares as they happen so we can compare them against pay statements at a later time. However, we shouldn't have to do that. Does Uber provide any sort of indication that a fare (and time or distance) has been adjusted from its original amount?

It should say "Adjusted Fare" instead of "Fare" in the partner app.
I had to contact Uber about a rider that canceled during the ride to pay me correctly and that's how it read. The map, time, and distance in the app weren't corrected though although the dollars were.

Cheap scammer rider, I told them to 1 star but I doubt they did.