How to get me to cancel in less than 3 seconds


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(This actually happened) I accept a pool request (I was having a good night so I figured sure it was right around the corner) and mom calls to tell me I'm getting her 2 girls at the boardwalk. So yea there were only about 50 ways that could go wrong.


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Pax: hey where are you going!!!!!! You are driving in the wrong direction. Are you still coming? Hello!!!! Please let me know if you are coming, you are way way out of my pick up location. Me: going to pick up that pax from the other platform

Papa Sarducci

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Had a good one recently, drunk pax walks up to my drivers side window, I roll it down, she says 'we are good, you can cancel' so I go ahead and cancel. About 20 minutes later I get another ping near the area, I just take it and go to the pin drop. After sitting there a while I text them, a few minutes later I get this response "with the cops, hold please". Then I look at the name and it hits me, the same drunk that said 'we're good' earlier. Instantly went to Cancel Rider No Show and got the hell outta dodge. Got pinged again, totally ignored it, in the middle of a 2+ surge too.