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How to get from 1K rides to 100K rides ($1M in earnings)


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Dear all,

Please advise of how to achieve this goal.

1,000 rides * $10/ride = $10,000
100,000 rides * $10/ride = $1,000,000

Thank you so much for your advice.



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The secret can only be shared with people who have at least TWO posts on uberpeople.

If you give 30 rides every day for the next 10 years you will achieve that milestone. Problem is, you've killed about a dozen cars, your back has turned into jelly, you've been in and out of mental asylums, and gained about 200lbs.
But what you're saying is.
Million dollar monies.


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Earn a nice degree, ride 100k buses to work and enjoy 1-3 million.

Until then, enjoy the flexibility and family time of rideshare driving, for sure not the money earned after costs side.
Pssst. Most people outside of SF have no idea how prevalent those private tech coaches are on the streets.

Out here in Greenville with have the free trolly that runs around downtown and Flure Field which is the Single A Boston affiliate, complete with a replica of Fenway.

It's kinda the same where you are too I assume?


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$1kk in earnings on X in an average market is 2kk miles with dead miles. If youre lucky, that might only be 10 cars at 200,000 miles each. Gotta get lucky 10 times in a row though...

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