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How to get 5 stars and badges every single time.


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This guy is a troll, Look at all the past threads he made:

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In case you don't want to read the entire thread, It features him backseat driving while demanding to be picked up in a Suburban or QX60 for pool rides, With complimentary coffee and snack


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Complaining about late but ordered a pool ride

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Shares his hatred for camry and demanding premium ride treatment in a pool ride


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And while you steer with your left hand, reach the right hand over................and get that 'good service' badge!!!

And last time some idiot asked for h2o, mints and an aux cord I told him that for $5 he could cancel and get in the uber right behind us to see if he had those items. I offer a safe ride from A to B. No mints. Definitely no aux.


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This has got to be a joke. If not, he should employ a personal chauffeur not some Uber driver who may not be making minimum wage. A lot of the pax I drive, the tablet would be gone in no time, lemon wedges would be all over the car, they would start spraying the seltzer water at each other and me. No thanks.


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Hello Ubers. I am a VIP passenger from NYC and take Uber everywhere I go. Lately I've noticed an influx of below average - poor Ubers. Honestly, the last time I had an Uber who warranted 5 stars was a week ago. Below are some suggestions on how to improve your ratings to get matched with more passengers. The BONUSes guarantee badges in addition to 5 stars.

1. Water is good, but not all water is equal.
Having water in your car for passengers to enjoy is a staple for any Uber. But did you know that better water brands warrant more tips? Instead of Poland Spring or Walmart brand, consider Fiji.
BONUS: You may want to offer seltzer options. If you truly want to guarantee five stars, I suggest having a container with lemon wedges for the water.

2. Be proactive
If you are passing a strip mall with lots of fast food options, offer the passengers to go through a drive through! Some of us are shy and would love to get food if the driver offers.
BONUS: Some drive throughs take longer than walking into the fast food joint and ordering food. If you see that the line is long, park your car, get the passenger's order and go inside.

3. Entertainment.
Do you know how airline companies get good reviews? More leg room, attractive personal but most importantly, good entertainment! Have a good variety of magazines stashed in the back and make sure they are recent and not outdated. Have fresh news papers as well.
BONUS: Consider installing a tablet in the back, with streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and HBO.
I installed the direct tv app on a tablet and have been allowing customers to order pay per view.... is that something you would suggest?


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Those were really good tips so I tried them last night. I did upgrade from water to fine French Champagnes, I even offered a selection of them AND a wine list. I even hired a Bartender to serve it to them.
Next, every pax that got in my car I asked them what their favorite food was. Once they told me I stopped at the Supermarket and pulled a portable grill out of my trunk and cooked it for them.
Finally, I got a satellite internet connection installed and mounted a desktop computer for them to use. I even hired a tech support guy to follow in a car in case they had any problems. Lastly, you didn't mention it but a had a port o potty installed in the middle seat and offered to take care of the paperwork for them. Guess what happened, I STILL DIDNT GET ANY TIPS!!! Now what do you suggest?
i cant Frucking breathe lmao too hard lol