How to Decide whether to take every Fare


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(I'm going to purposely not even take into account Surge Pricing for this example. That's another variable you have to decide if you want to chance waiting for a Surge Fare or take a non-Surge Fare. Track it every time and then make a decision which one is better.)

I think there are a few ways to look at this, but most importantly you have to look at what you get for Fares when you pick up that long-distance pickup. Keep in mind I said FARES, not Fare because I think you have to take into account not just the long pickup, but also the fares that follow during a 1 Hour Window.

This is really going to depend on where you are. Does it make sense to leave Downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul for something that's far away? It depends on where you're being pulled to. If you're in a suburb that takes you even further away from the city then it might make sense. There's also a high probability the rider will be going a long distance back to the city, but you won't know this unless you track it or at least call the rider. And sometimes it makes more sense to have the rider cancel, that way you at least collect a cancellation fee.

Consider this, how long will it take you to pick up a long distance ride vs waiting for another request + the ETA for that next request.

For long trips that are 15 minutes away, it might be the same.
15 Minutes to pick up vs 5 to 10 for next request + 5 to 10 ETA for pickups could equal 15 minutes.
20 Minutes to pickup: This is where you may want to start to question it. I think it depends on where you're heading and how those pickups generally turn out. But again, you have to take into account next request time + ETA. (I'm going to use a few local examples)
- If you're going to Mystic Lake I've found they generally work out
- If you're going to Lake Minnetonka I've also found those generally work out

But you have to do these pickups more than once to be able to decide. Write down what the initial fare was plus any fares you have taken over that next hour. (This applies to any pickup that's pulling you 15 minutes out from where you are.) Now you have something you can compare. Then visit the area a second time and maybe a third. For me, if it works out at least 50% of the time it's worth it, but that's something each driver has to decide on their own.

30 Minutes to pick up: Just like the 20, you have to take a few things into consideration and maybe also call the rider.

I will admit I'm a little gun shy about the 20+ minute pickups. Most of the time they seem to work out. Otherwise, they cancel.

(Some local examples again)

There are definitely areas where it doesn't make sense to drive out to. I can't speak for which areas those are since most of my trips have been Minneapolis, St. Paul and Southwestern Suburbs. However, I have seen others talk about Hudson pickups not working out. So there definitely are areas that don't work.


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i'll feel it out. if I get the first ping within 10 min of logging on it's usually a good indicator of how the shift will go in terms of frequency of pings, in which case i'll only accept pings within 5 min drive which usually works out; or until there's an extended downtime between ride.

when it starts out really slow or there is a long downtime between pings, i'll increase that 15 min. and when it's even slower than that, i'll accept even pools up to 10 min out.

I don't see myself driving more than 15 minutes to pick up a pax at anytime. This strategy seems to work out pretty well for me in san jose/peninsula.