How Should i take this?


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You should stop driving like a maniac with pax in your car! Save it for when your wife is in the car. In situations like these it's impossible to know if the pax is lying or if you actually did something wrong (maybe didn't realize it). So I'm warning you, check yourself before you wreck yourself! Maybe your driving actually sucks but you think you're good, you should look into it.

Then go to GLH with coffee and donuts and ask them nicely to remove it claiming rider fraud. Don't bother contacting support unless you like pain and wasting time.


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It could have been a quick lane change or avoiding someone else doing something stupid. I've had horrible experiences in others cars. They think the drive great but it's far from the truth. Maybe the report was Tru, maybe it was a lie and maybe you avoided an accident. Take what you want from it and move on.


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Depends on how many trips you have completed. If you have been driving a while ignore it. If you are new to this, slow down.