How should I handle this?


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I was taking a PAX from the beach to an ice cream parlor to pick up a cake. She put the ride in to the ice cream parlor. I just waited for her and drove her back then closed the ride. Should I have closed it and waited for her, then have her send out a new request? Or did I do the correct thing not closing it until we got back to the beach? I am fairly new to Uber. Any input would be appreciated.


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I only wait if it’s less than 5 minutes. Don’t forget to put the starting address back after the ice cream place. For insurance purpose.

Also, don’t assume because she’s in the car that your car will be the one that get’s requested.

I actually had someone do that . The person was INSIDE my car and she received a different car. LOL


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In general:

Is it surging decently? Then wait.

If not, are you unlikely to get another trip from that area? Then wait.

Do you want to go back to where she will be going and don't want to take a chance on deadheading back or going in another direction (may often apply at the end of your "shift.")? Then wait.

Did she give a tip up front for you to wait? Then wait.

Did she offer to buy you ice cream and you wanted some? Then wait.

If no to all of the above then figure out what you would be making per hour to wait and tell us what YOU think.

Are you new with few ratings, or already have a low rating and a bad rating may really hurt you? Then wait.

In my area it's 11 cents a minute. $6.60 per hour. New drivers pay 28% to Uber, so they get $4.75 per hour to wait. BEFORE gas and wear and tear, assuming you leave the car running. It's hot here so generally the car will be running.

Now I don't work for that kind of money. So unless there's a compelling reason I don't wait.

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The person was INSIDE my car and she received a different car. LOL
Try holding the phone in your hand and walking 20 feet away from the car. You WILL get the ping. But if you are sitting in the car right next to her, you won't. Strange but true.
I know it because it has always worked for me.

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I always wait. They requested a service, and we are there to provide that service. Especially if late or in areas where cars are scarce. Just notnright stranding someone.

The advice about changing the destination is good. Not just for insurance, but you could get a new ride added because the system sees you at your deatination.