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How rude!?!?

Discussion in 'Melbourne' started by Scuberdriver, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. So this Japanese lady sat next to me early 30's I'm assuming just listening to her music through head phones but... this music was head banging up full blast! Not only loud but the same 4min asian dance track on repeat! trip was 35mins and nearing the end of ride with 3min to go she finally changes track o_O nickname Betty watch out for this one lol I don't mind people doing their own thing but this was too loud too close and too rude in my books :mad::p
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  2. lilstevie


    A passenger that you didn’t have to interact with, wasn’t asking for an Aux cord, who did their own thing and wasn’t in the back so you don’t have to worry about what on earth they might be doing and you’re complaining?
  3. Imagine listening to black betty on repeat for half an hour. I'm convinced this woman didn't even realize it was Monday even though she didn't smell like a train wreck weekend but her mind was definitely elsewhere
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  4. Abashers


    Asian people thinks drivers are from the low class of society and some extent they like to think as some kind of slave than anything else.
    Specially, Asian who are new to this country.
  5. Apollo


    We are slaves to uber.;)
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  6. Did you have Sushi Sushi for lunch afterwards?
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  7. Nope I had twin pack Hawaiian rolls from Coles hehe
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  8. Nah dude doesn’t matter.
    Same as white Australians think asians don’t belong here.
  9. lilstevie


    Sounds better than listening to "omg did you hear about..." "omg yeah I know" on repeat for half an hour
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  10. Jay1960


    If you're that sensitive, then perhaps carry your own set of noise cancelling headphones, or turn on your radio
    Bit silly to be getting your knickers in a twist over nothing
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  11. Wouldn't have bothered me so much if the song actually changed which I mentioned didn't happen until last 3min of the trip. So she did have other songs to listen to but annoyed me with the same one on repeat and my radio was on she was just so loud

    This is a good point
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  12. asians are the best! didn't they wear a dust or face mask? Very rare if they didnt
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  13. I believe it was decorated :)
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  14. Is why I love Asians, all you need to do is drive them to a destination. That is it, simple. Let them out and say Bye
  15. Rushmanyyz


    Wow, racist Uber driver complains because an Asian woman only wanted to drown out his horrible personality...

    Color me shocked.
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  16. i_love_uber


    yeah i like asians too....sometimes i accept a request by some dude name george, tim, blake etc,
    and while driving to pick up location i start preparing myself to answer the dreadful questions:

    1. how has your day been ?
    2. is it busy today ?
    3. do you drive uber full time ?

    Then, when i arrive to the pick up location, i see an asian dude...you can not image how happy i am...i just want to kiss them...
    it is the only times that i wish i had mints to offer them...
  17. DevilSlave


    4. are you married?
    5. do you have kids?
    6. do you do anything else?
    7. does ubering pay enough?
    8. when did you start working?
    9. when are you finishing up?
    10. how many hours have you driven today?
    11. what your most interesting story?
    12. do you have any mint, gum or water?
    13. can i have an aux cord?
    14. can we bring our drinks?
    15. is it okay if we squeeze in an extra person into the car?
    16. do you mind if we eat?
    17. can you pull over right now i need to vomit!
    18. I'm late can you go faster?
    19. have you ever been with a guy before?
    20. can i just sleep and you can wake me when we arrive?
  18. Wrong questions...
    1 I advise I am bi
    2 Meetings strictly at wow
    3 Answer anything.
    Simple all U need to be.

    Forgot to mention the door slamming too...I love the asios...They slam hard and hurdle and haul in rear seats dragging all their stuff.Lol I love them

    Make sure the George is george manousaridisgeorge manousaridis ok!
  19. Mints for bad breath yes! mostly students have this problem :confused:
  20. i_love_uber


    very good job, but you forgot my favorite:

    21. i use uber all the time, it's soooo cheap....

    initially, i thought that it was some kind of humour above my intellectual capabilities,
    a Shakespearian irony maybe....(irony = the essential idea of "irony" is double dealing, as when some speech has a double meaning -- the obvious one which all perceive -- and the cryptic which only certain of the hearers understand.).....

    but after bringing back in my mind the persons that have told me that,
    my conclusion is that they were the dumbest of the pax...
    I have found that the best way to describe the mental and emotional condition of those pax is to use a phrase used by a declining culture in australia:
    .....thelei i poutana na kriftei kai i hara den tin afinei....
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