How often do you clean the interior of your vehicle (vacuum, wipe down, etc.)?

How often do you clean the interior of your vehicle (vacuum, wipe down, etc.)?

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Jon Jacobs

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I am conducting some research to determine how often drivers clean the interior of your vehicle. Appreciate your help.



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Wash and vacuum every day. Wipe down dash, doors and so-on as well. $20 month car wash pass.

Shampoo seats and floor mats every month during busy times. $80 investment for a portable upholstery cleaner.

Even if not driving pax I like my ride clean.

reg barclay

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Light vacuum once every 2 or 3 days with hand vac (unless I notice someone left crumbs or anything on seats before that). Shake out mats about once a week. Wipe down interior once every few months. Do full vacuum maybe once or twice a year.

If I was doing Premium, Lux or whatever, I might do more than that, but I don't think Uberx warrants much more.


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Everyday... Have an easy set up at home and squirt mats with cleaner....clean seats with brush attachment and then put on second attachment and Suck up dirt and debris on rubber floor liners. Takes about ten minutes a day. Also clean glass daily at pump while putting in gas with the free paper towels and window cleaner avaliable at pumps.


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Once a week full wash & vacuum. Every working day microfiber-towel the outside/upholstery/surfaces plus shake mats.

Being LA, I get a fresh brown/tan coat of this dust/sand/whatever by the end of each shift, most notably on the rear hatch, so a full daily wipe-down is important. But what's worse is this lovely lovely oily film I seem to get after being at the LAX airport, on the paint it's not as big a deal as it is on glass where it needs a dusting plus glass cleaner spray & wipe.


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Car doesn't really get too dirty. It gets caked in tree pollen this time of year. I will wipe down the seats a couple times a week. Go self wash and vacuum for $4.00 once a week.

I don't drive a ton, the more pax a driver has, the more often they will need to clean their car.


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I've actually cleaned my car less now that I've done RS longer. As the interior cleanliness has no effect on whether or not a pax tips me or rates me 5* what used to be a twice weekly wash and near daily vacuum has now turned into a one monthly wash (rain takes care of a lot of it here) and a bi-weekly vacuum. If there's debris in my mats I usually just shake them off and stage for the next pax.

In fact, like Hans GrUber, the lack of cleanliness has probably created a higher rating and tip occurrence rate for me.