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I'm Glad to hear some of you guys had some good days lately. I used to sometimes have days like those but it feels like a far and distant memory. Let me tell you about how my Saturday sucked in a major way with UBER.

8:23 AM: First fare to San Ysidro Border - Decent guy going to Mexico for the first time and a good fare by today's Uber standards- net $ 15.06

I drop him off and notice that Coronado is surging, so I decide to head to the island - about 10 dead miles but who's counting?

As I reach the surging Coronado, I get a ping but to Imperial Beach, which I left behind 10 minutes ago. I accept and cancel. Right away, I get another ping and I am in the red zone now, I look at the address, again it's in Imperial beach. WTF? I accept and cancel again. Now, guess what? All the red Coronado, suddenly becomes yellow and quickly the yellow disappears and goes back to white. Why am I not surprised?

9:27 AM: Ping to the Dell Hotel. I pick up a well dressed couple who later tell me they were Jehovah's witnesses. Destination: South Park - net $10.00

I drop them off and my day starts to go to shit... I get a ping as I'm trying to make it out of the area, I go to the address; of course absolutely nowhere to park, and of course no pax in sight either. I manage to stop at the end of the street by the stop sign. I call the idiot, who answers are you here already? In the meantime, I'm blocking traffic and getting all sorts of dirty looks from everyone who has to go around me. So I wait and I wait... idiot still not here. I cancel and take off. As I get to Broadway, I get another ping that takes me up the hill, down the hill and up the hill again. I get to the destination, try to park, get in a fight with this stupid @@@@@ who was trying to get out of her garage and wouldn't give me 20 seconds to move out of the way in these extremely narrow streets with cars parked on both sides.

At that exact moment, the stupid UBER App crashes as it does several times a day. I restart my phone and whole trip info. is gone. Nice!!!
This feels like someone from Uber is really trying to @@@@ up your day...

At this point, I've had it so I turn off the freaking APP. and get the hell out of this God Forsaken area completely fed up with the whole Uber thing.
I ended up in Liberty Station, where I went for a walk and hang out just to try and calm down.

11:50 AM: I turn on the App again and get a ping to the Airport. I pick up a decent Asian guy - Destination UCSD - net $ 18.50 - no problems there.

12:32 PM:
I pick up an international student - 2 weeks in the country - going to La Jolla - No problems there - net $ 6.18 - lame fare but oh well.

12: 49 PM: Trouble starts again as I get a ping from a Chinese student going to a very crowded campus - International student day - net $$ 6.17 - to get out of that stupid campus was a pain with everybody walking everywhere and crossing the streets in every which direction.

1:17 PM: On the way out, I get a ping - another international student - going down the street - net $ 4.58... You all know how I love those 4 dollars fares. But at least it was only one person this time.

1:36 PM: Ping to the Marriott. I get there wait and wait, then I call the paxs, who said we'll be right out. WTF? So finally a couple as in 2 guys couple, get out and get in the car and tell me we wanna go to kaboo. I'm like WTF is that? Oh ok the music fest at the fair. OK here we go - $ 12.92 net - not worth the aggravation to go to an area with signs everywhere saying "NO UBER DROP OFFs"

I make it out of there through Camino Del Mar. I decide to head towards Highlands TC hoping to get a Fare going back to SD. I get a ping from some kid who texts me right away to say it would be easier to take this alternate route since most Uber Drivers have a hard time finding his house. I replied where are you going today? He said Kaboo. I'm like hell no... It was less than 3 miles away from his house and to go through all that aggravation again was absolutely not worth it.

So I head back towards the scenic route and make my way towards SD. I get to Genesee and get a ping. I track it down ... here we go again. I get to the pick up location only to find four dudes with back packs - ice chests and a whole lot of stuff waiting on the side walk ...I said to myself you know the hell with all this nonsense. I keep moving, cancel the shit and call it the day.

Not a good day. Not a good feeling at the end of the day. I think I've had just about enough of even the occasional Uber day. 70 bucks at the end minus the gas and wear on my car is not really worth all this aggravation...


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Sounds like every other Uber day.

If the Uber app crashes go to task manager and kill the app.
It will will pick up where you left it when you restart it. Do not wait for it to start or end the ride. Kill that sucker and restart it.

No one wants the money more than Uber.
I have had many problems with the various versions of the Uber app over the last two years.
I have never lost a dime due to the crashing app.

If nothing else, Uber recovers from crashes well.


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San Diego used to be uberable full time; now it's only viable for part timers to cherry pick the best hours. I refuse to drive there any more - just not worth it financially.