How many gonna drop out

Will you drop out with new regulations

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    Votes: 18 75.0%
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I used to be all enthusiastic and eager in the beginning with Uber. Then with time that diminished. I used to hear so many whines about rude taxi drivers. Now I see myself going the same way. I seriously think this work is a mindfuk.
It is a mindfuk ,get out whilst u can ,it's not worth ruining your car and self esteem for this crap.

I was happy when I started ,use to here all the taxi stories as well and get angry with taxi drivers ,but after driving these drunk c words at night , it's no wonder most taxi drivers provided a crap service.

Also this forum taught me a lot ,my attitude towards uber and some pax changed over night.

No longer washed ,vacuumed car daily, haven't vacuumed in over a month ,hosed down car a fortnight ago. Use to get complemented and 5 star comments on how flash the candy red paint looked,
Most pax now know what to expect ,I don't know why there still giving me 5 stars.


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I think the biggest wake up call was someone puking in my car, not once but twice. Caused mental damage I think! LOL
Haha happend twice to me as well with my old car. Biggest wake up call for me were the two racist c words , yelling and abusing me along canning highway at 10:00pm on sat night. Haven't been in a fight in ages ,that night I was convinced I would get bashed or arrested for hurting or killing these c words.

Thankfully they could see the hatred I had towards them in my eyes when I got out and abused the frack out of them. Even got an apology, was a shame cause I was ready :frown:
Went home and didn't uber for nearly a month after that .


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That's awful. I hope you reported to this lazy racist bogun police force. Breath tests and speed cameras. Go catch some real criminals you lazy Aussies. I actually kicked out two MF's once. To me they wanted to go to Burswood. I said Casino? They said, Yes. Going down Scarborough beach rd one needed a piss so I stopped. My blood started boiling. When we just about got to Casino, the one knob head kept pushing on the back of my drivers seat. Then he said, hello, hello, aye m8 werr not going Here, we want to go to Langtrees (***** house). I said, where's that? He said, we'll tell you. I thought, F this. Pulled into Casino car park, got out car and told them GET OUT! He said, what's your problem? I said, you need to gain manners. He said, you need to become more Australian.
Good on ya!
Obviously can't pick up so they need to pay for a root ,(hope u hosed down your seats after that )


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Yes..... Not very pleasant watching someone vomit in your personal vehicle!!!!
FFS, you Uber lot are wimps.

Vomiting in the car? Happens regularly.

The real fun is when people piss in the car...

Same seat. Pissed on twice in one weekend. There's a reason why I use water-resistant seat covers.

Indigenous people pouring a bottle of wine down my back….



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Yes the lady's pissing on your seats, and vomiting common. But when they want to get in with blood and poo on their pants thats a bit much !


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Glad I don't work the hours that the drunken scumbags work. If somebody looks like they'll vomit, I get my $6.40 cancel and drive off.