How Long To Wait For Rider?


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I pull up to this guys driveway, n o one there. I wait 5 minutes, start to contact rider. He steps out of the housw, gives me the "wait a minute" sign. I wait a minute or two, then cancelled the trip, rider no show. What is a reasonable wait time? I previously just started the trip while I was weaiting, but a couple cheap asses complained, and Uber adjusted the fares.


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Not sure if this was new or a local thing but this morning when I started the app a notification appeared that starting today the trip will begin 2 minutes after arriving at your pickup.


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If you are there 5 minutes (you should have already texted upon arrival, because you might be at the wrong address) follow up with a call. If they say wait, ask them if you can start the meter. That gives you an idea of their destination (if they put it in). You don't want to pass on a $30 fare for a few minutes more. If it's a quick trip, you can let them know you are cancelling if it's going to take more than a few minutes. They will already be charged since it's past the 5 minute mark. That might motivate them. Not your problem.

PAX will push it when you're waiting, ask to make extra stops, ask to wait while they go shopping, etc. It's up to you how much you want to deal with that. Usually, if someone wants to go shopping, I tell them I will end the ride and wait for another fare call. If I don't get one, then I will be in the parking lot waiting for them.
For me, it depends on the attitude of the pax. I had a guy not ready when I arrived. It was really early in the morning, I waited the 5 minutes and sent a text. He appeared at the door and gave me the "one-minute" sign. 2 mins later I get a text "Sorry son is having a hard time." He reappeared with his crying son. Said goodbye, and we left. Glad I waited.

On the other hand, arrived at another pax. He yelled at me from his door to "wait another damn minute." Cancelled!