How long till game over for uber ?


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Maybe they going to change their name:rolleyes:...they have money to start from zero with different name and marketing or they can buy another company and do a copy of their app. So next company be careful as maybe you are going to work for same company but with different name and CEO!:cool:
I think this combination U B E R is dead.


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I said it many times uber had perfect business model Very easy to erase taxi trade world wide but there stupid CEO monkey brain Made a perfect app but the rest shi....
The way I see it
Uber = subprime mortgage
I was reading article few weeks ago uber has more then 420 court cases
They are bleeding money paying lawyers
Perfect example uk
Refusing to pay holidays to drivers but spending millions on lawyers :confused::confused: to me it doesn't make sense very bad publicity

They are pulling out Canada coz the regulations
They don't want criminal check and 35 hours training for drivers

Your sending very negative message to regulators and passengers