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How long is it going to take them to finalize the lax pickup deal?

Salvor Hardin

Active Member
It feels like its been weeks since the news. People are probably flying in tonight for labor day, but can we pick up from the airport? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

WTF is taking so long? What is the problem?


Well-Known Member
It's going to take a good number of cars away from the rest of town. I can see the Venice zone surging like north Santa Monica. Less cars will be making the trek down Lincoln to Marina Del Rey.

The 40 car limit for non TCP Uber will probably not be enough. That number includes X, XL, and Plus. What if there are 30 non TCP Plus cars waiting? Ten X cars in the queue won't be sufficient.


If the waiting lot has a bunch of cars in it (40 cars max) I'm guessing it won't surge. I wonder if drivers will camp out there like the taxis do.


New Member
Remember this Lax moves a lot of uber cars per hour just look at the holding lot a least 150 black cars per hour that's why at anytime there's about 400 cars waiting and when uberx is allowed it will the #1 request for uber wait time about 15min to 30min max it will take about 65% of the request from all other uber cars

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