How is your Sunday going so far?


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I am closing this week strong with $19. I'll have to visit some undesirable parts of town to stretch those dollars


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I had a bad day. Slow as hell for me. Took 90 minutes to get first 2 rides. I stuck around for the Nats surge and got a dud ride, like $8 on 2.2x. My saving grace was a $36 trip to Fairfax, or I would have been screwed for the day. Sunday is traditionally my best day.



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Yeh today's been a good day for everyone.. I think they set the boost so high and didn't expect it to be busy.. Heard from a rider that all the malls in VA supposedly tax free today... Guess that's why people are going out

tee hee

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pretty bad. jjust stayed home an dcollected my lyft guarantee.

made $1500 for 50 h0urs of lyft. only made $100 this week with uber. after lyfts' take, i made $1200