How is Uber Losing money billions?


Since it was founded in 2009, Uber has burned through at least $8 billion. The company said it has $7 billion of cash on hand, along with an untapped $2.3 billion credit facility.

For every $100 dollars I make they take $25. They have 700,000 drivers.

Found an interesting article. Uber loses most of its money to drivers. The plan is to get rid of drivers eventually. Mark your calendars.


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All has to do with cash flow my friend. What do they do wit the profits? They probably stash away some of the money. However they are probably reinvesting the money in R&D. They overpay ivy league analysts Uber to help them misprice and over saturate the market.

Their focus is growth and growth costs money. I'm not surprised that they are still in the red.