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It's 226.9 miles from my house to Vegas. I'd do the trip for an even $300.

I can do the round trip on one tank of gas in my Prius

I would do it for $800. Sorry, I am not into discounts. Ok, $1500 round trip, that's the discounted price. Don't worry about the tip, it's on me. Not here to compete with anyone. But I'll get you there in less than 4 hours. Time is money.

The trip is mine, right in the middle.


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Question a lot of passengers ask me. I've heard it's 300 to Vegas and $800 to SF. Lot of cash but 1. Do you want to be stuck with this crazy. Person who's obviously on the no fly list for 6-10 hours. 2. Do you think they have the credit to pay for the ride? I always say i wouldn't take the ride to SF but maybe Vegas. Your thoughts?

Guy wanted me to drive him to Palm Desert on a weekday morning, it was early, like 4:30 AM. I declined. Had an appointment later in the day and wanted to be fresh for it. One other thing to consider with Vegas or San Francisco is having to dead mile it back to Los Angeles.