How far from your home area can you drive?


I live in a cluster of mid-sized towns in downstate Illinois (Bloomington, Peoria, Champaign, Springfield) and was wondering if I can dip between the 4. Each are about an hour distance from each other, but I couldn't find anything to clarify it. I know Bloomington and Peoria do, but is there a set-in-stone distance allowed?

Tim In Cleveland

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If you have a state-wide law regulating TNC's then you can drive anywhere in your state. If not, you have to find out what the territories in your state are. If more than one covers the areas you want to drive in, you can contact that support office to get added. You will need to check local laws: Are you required to post an Uber sign on your car?


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And Uber only pays 4 hours on a trip I believe.
If you get a long run somewhere, or a round trip.