How does the uber referall bonus work?

Does the driver AND the new referred driver get paid? If so, both the same or different amounts? Also I recently completed my first 100 trips. I didn't use a referall code though. That means I don't get squat? Also, if I go door to door and leave flyers with my referral code on it, is that against the terms of service? Thanks any help appreciated.


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You would to have used the uber referral code when signing up. That's too late now. I can give you a Lyft referral code where you and I both get $500 after you complete 150 rides in 60 day. Pm me if you'd like the code :smiles:


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Here in Detroit, it's $200 for current driver (referrer) and $100 for the new driver.

That said, I'm waiting for the right time to sign up - I'm a current Lyft'er... if anybody in Detroit area wants to sign up on my Lyft referral code, I'll sign up on your Uber code. PM me.