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How does the mileage deduction work?

Discussion in 'Taxes' started by GalinMcMahon, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Older Chauffeur

    Older Chauffeur Well-Known Member

    Simi Valley Ca
    Uber isn't responsible for your individual tax return. It's up to you to track and record your deductible expenses, just part of being an adult and in business for yourself.;)
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  2. SoiCowboy

    SoiCowboy Active Member

    IE of SoCal
    Uber does, but only the miles driven with a passenger. Uber doesn't include miles driven TO the passenger.
  3. El Gato

    El Gato Active Member

    Cedar Park
    Correct. This is why most folks use a 3rd party mileage tracker. I used mileIQ but hated that everytime I stopped and parked inbetween rides it would end that "trip." Not a big deal as the mileage tracker starts up again when I move, but for convenience sake it would be nice to have it keep running until I stole it I'm done. Either way didn't what to pay so went to just writing down Odometer readings and transferring to excel.
  4. skytessa

    skytessa New Member

    Los Angeles
    You should check out my tracker comparison thread (click here). Triplog had one of the worst accuracy rates. It's shaving a ton of miles off your log and deduction.

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