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How does the block time and guarantee work?


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Got my first guarantee of $22/hr. Between 4pm and 4am. Must work 4 hour long blocks in a row. Must complete 1.5 rides per hour.

I assume that the "hour long blocks" are the little car icons they put on your weekly summary. What constitutes working that block? I logged in at 9:08. Did I work the 9:00 block?

Because of the guarantee, I didn't force myself into the city. Surprisingly no one wanted to go into the city, so I just worked the suburbs, instead of drifting that way. Figured I'd service the suburbs for easier driving.

I had 6 passengers at 1:00. Exactly 1.5 per hour. I was going to shut off at 1:08 working exactly 4 hours, but I got another ping. 7th passenger. Shut off at about 1:20. Does that mean I worked the 1am block and got screwed by a half a passenger?

Oh well. I could have forced the issue, but the suburbs are pretty slow. (Oh and @@@@ you 4 cancellations in a row for potentially screwing me!). I kind of wanted to game the system while learning how the guarantee works. I guess I'll find out on Tuesday.

On the negative side, if that last ping screwed me I only made about $35. On the plus side if I get the guarantee I made a killing since I only drove about 40 miles all night. On the neutral side, if I only made 35, I still didn't use many miles or gas, even though it sucks.

I did learn that (with no guarantee) if my pax don't want to head downtown, I need to start drifting that way anyway. $35 and 7 rides would have been friggen terrible if I didn't want the learning experience. (Wasn't going to drive this weekend anyway, went out to check out the guarantee. Staying in tonight most likely)


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Your post is confusing. Did the guarantee just state you had to drive a minimum of four hours in that 12hr period?


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The email was confusing. It said I had to drive 4 hour long blocks in a row. That's why I asked.

Turned out to be nothing more complicated than driving 4 hours. My summary said (from memory), "Friday you qualified because you drove 4.41 hours. This should entitle you to [I forget] Since you made only [whatever] we've added [money]"

Since they said I drove 4.41 hours, it was nothing more than total time with the app on, and poor wording on the link I clicked.


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That sounds better, the attachment is what I usually get. I usually try to stay online at least one straight hour minimum to hit those requirements. An hour or two here and then an hour or two there and you are set for the minimum payout.


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What is more interesting to me is why you get $22 an hour and I get $18 ? Weird...
Weird, but that doesn't surprise me one bit from what I've been reading so far. I'm sure there's some algorithm based on the lowest you'll accept, or rating, or average hourly, or god knows what.

I linked it in case you want to go to war. "Why does my friend get one rate and I...".

The guarantees mean little to me. It did get me to go out when I was going to take the weekend off, but for the most part, I can only drive Fri and Sat night. They're not going to be able to squeeze extra time out of me. I got one for this week, early AM, ($18 this time if your curious)... but I can't drive at that time.

Come to think of it, my "average hourly" on my summaries for the last two weeks (I just checked) were just under and just over $22. They probably offer around what you make anyway in hopes of not paying out.

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Moral of the story is...

If you sign up for guarantee, hang out in the burbs and hope for short trips.

If you don't sign up, go in the city.. You will easily go over the guarantee amount. $18-$22 per hour are very easy to achieve.
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