How does Lyft work?

Terri Lee

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After 18 months and hundreds of rides, you'd think I'd know.

I don't know.

Some examples:

This morning after waiting 5 minutes Lyft told me to declare the rider a "No Show", and then told me I'd get $10.00.When did this go from $5 to $10.
But, that $10 is only showing up in "Ride History"; when does it get to the top of the page in "Ride Payments"?

When cancelling an Uber pax I get all sorts of options, the go to is usually "No Show", but another common one for me to pick is "Do not charge rider". All these come with out threatening me.
Try to cancel a Lyft ride for any reason (short of the 5 minute thing) and the big warning sign comes up to tell me what an inadequate loser I am.

A few nights ago I was hauling a young couple in a nearby city that I rarely visit. A banner pops up over the Lyft app and I thought my pax had changed destinations so I clicked on it. This story is a bit longer, sorry.
The pax figured out before I did that it was a pool ride. I'd never had one of those, and was not happy about it. As I got to pax2s location, it was the site of a police situation with half a dozen cop cars at the entrance to an apt. complex. I pulled in near them.
Someone approached me and asked if it was possible for me to back up because a car needed to leave.
Sure! So I backed into the street and and found myself in a traffic lane. No pax had appeared and I was not about to linger in a traffic lane in front of a bunch of cops. I moved on and hit "cancel", hoping that was the right procedure for ending transaction #2.
It wasn't. I had just canceled my current passengers.
Took them where they were going. For free. Of course they tipped me.
No, they did not.

So, I know several knowledgeable Lyft drivers can educate me now. Try not to be too snarky.


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We don't have Pool in my market thank God! But I believe you get a $10 cancel fee when a pool PAX no shows.


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But I believe you get a $10 cancel fee when a pool PAX no shows.

If this is true, then my pax line pax are going to start looking like this:



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The $10 cancellation fee was probably for a scheduled tide.

The only way to handle the police situation is to simply drive away. The pax will eventually cancel and you'll get your $5.

If there is any kind of complaint or they don't pay you, just tell them the police activity indicated that it was NOT SAFE for you or YOUR PAX #1 to remain. Pax #2 was not there = No Show.

Terri Lee

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The pax figured out before I did that it was a pool ride.

Lyftline I guess.
And a few minutes after that episode I was greeted by a message from Lyft that I was such a screwup that they were locking me out for the next 48 minutes.
Which probably means I got the message 12 minutes after it was sent.
La di da, not enough of a stick to get me emotionally involved.
You know, there's the Uber thang.