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How Do You Use"Dead Time?"

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Karen Stein, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. iUBERdc

    iUBERdc Well-Known Member

    I literally got an ab workout laughing so hard from this post!
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  2. iUBERdc

    iUBERdc Well-Known Member

    I live smack dab in the center of my college town. When it's busy, I rarely have down time and will hang out at Sheetz for coffee if I get a few mins. But during breaks when request can come in Barry once an he, I'll sit at home sipping tea and go do a quick run and return home until the next one. I'm not sitting at a gas parking lot for 45 mins when home is 1 mile away and I can be comfy there
  3. Jufkii

    Jufkii Well-Known Member

    cedar rapids
    Yeah. it's ongoing. Sometimes they will actually pay you correctly as "one time courtesies". Then what seems to be a disturbing trend lately they say they will correct it and pay you properly but your final pay statement shows otherwise.Or for a brief while they were taking 25 % commission from me instead of the usual 20% till I howled in protest over that.. It never ends.
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  4. Fuzzyelvis

    Fuzzyelvis Well-Known Member

    Well one driver went back to the houses of the people he drove to the airport and broke in. Do that and sell their stuff on Ebay...
  5. TotC

    TotC Active Member

    St Louis
    I understand there is good money in freelance pharmaceutical sales.

  6. I_Like_Spam

    I_Like_Spam Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, in the Uber business, your screwed.

    In the taxi business, you could be printing business cards, promoting good will to hotel doormen and others who could help promote business and build your ridership and generally network.

    I guess you can take a nap or something,, but a short period of time of just a couple of hours is tough to fill in.

    Maybe you could see if you could dance a few sets at a local gentleman's club for the old-timer afternoon crowd?
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  7. Raisins

    Raisins New Member

    I normally drive weekend nights. When it's dead I go to a 711 get something to drink and sit in my car playing games on my phone.
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  8. turl686

    turl686 Member

    Saint Louis
    Karen, when you have dead time and I have dead time, let's meet up at the QT on Big Bend at I-44. We can discuss what it's like living in a "mid-south" city.
  9. iUBERdc

    iUBERdc Well-Known Member

    You can ping each other during the down time ;)
  10. yojimboguy

    yojimboguy Well-Known Member

    Madison, WI
    Planning my next bank robbery or carjacking.
  11. AZ-XOEM

    AZ-XOEM Active Member

    Apache Junction
    ►Either side of the lunch hour is actually kinda busy if, you're in Maryvale, Tolleson, Estrella or Laveen.

    ►Too often, -I'll show up to a request and, some shady character will walk up to the Passenger side window and say,...
    "I'm NOT going with you but, I need you to take this package (typically, a 20" x 20" x 10" or 12" & wrapped in dark cellophane)
    to the destination on your phone."

    ►He throws me a $20 and says,... "...they're expecting you."

    This has been going on for several months now.

    It can be quite lucrative if, you go out of your way to be in
    Maryvale, Tolleson, Estrella or Laveen between 11:AM and 1PM :rolleyes:
    (HINT, Hint, hint,...)
  12. 105398

    105398 Well-Known Member

    at 3.5x when dark clouds roll in I hope.
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  13. gillzillas

    gillzillas Member

    He obviously a taxi driver the way he talks
  14. Sacto Burbs

    Sacto Burbs Well-Known Member

    SF Peninsula
    Sure you can. A Sac driver I know gets tipped off for really early am rides to SFO and shows up like magic in the hotel parking lot as the closest car.
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  15. BBHMM

    BBHMM Well-Known Member

    You could just call me and say "hey, it's dead out here. Why don't you come over and we can make our own action"
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  16. darkshy77

    darkshy77 Well-Known Member

    Doing and selling coke for you... speaking of which your price is too high you need to cut it
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  17. Andre Benjamin 6000

    Andre Benjamin 6000 Well-Known Member

    San Diego
    Cut it....cut it....cut it....
  18. UberIsAllFubared

    UberIsAllFubared Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    Take you out when you come to LA. :D
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  19. Andre Benjamin 6000

    Andre Benjamin 6000 Well-Known Member

    San Diego
  20. DollarStoreChauffeur

    DollarStoreChauffeur Well-Known Member

    Wide awake.
    It's a bot, dude. This user account was intialized and released by Uber corporate's viral management department. It's like when they shoot a satellite out into space. It will run it's course until they call it back in or shut it down remotely. This is why its responses aren't right.

    We need to run the Voight Kampf test on a number of the accounts running around this forum. Stinkin' bunch of skins filling this place with propaganda. Where's Rick Deckard when you need him? Rick DeckardRick Deckard

    Karen, I have a question for you: You're approaching a green light, but you notice a kitten crawling slowly across the intersection. Your rider tells you they're running late and they don't want anything to slow them down. What do you do?

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