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How do you stay motivated to do UBER?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Steveyoungerthanmontana, May 25, 2017.

  1. Full timers how do you stay motivated to keep driving? I did ten hours of UBER last night for 90 bucks. Today I couldn't even manage 3 hours. Made 30 bucks.
  2. I stay motivated by sending a message about the unprofitable rates after every trip.........oh, and I focus on the bill I want/need to pay......lol
  3. I do it out of spite.

    Also the law breaking nature of Uber appeals to me.
    ( it was more fun when everyone was out to get us)

    I drive a tourist destination city for people from around the world.
    Paid sight seeing.
  4. it seems like they try to keep you at around $10 per online hour no matter what.....so they cap earnings, the amount of trips and also give longer trips when on quest......some partner....
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  5. I do it for the fun of getting out of the house for a few hours at a time and meeting new people.
    Usually in the morning and evenings are when I run. Although here lately it's been a little bit slow. College town and summer is here.
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  6. roadman


    I only do this for the food stamps, $9 obamacare, and the earned income credit. I work about 200 hours each month and make about $350 after expenses.
  7. life-changing....
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  8. You don't. Leave and get a real job with stability and benefits. The gig economy is unsustainable.
  9. Figure out your break even amount and drive to a daily goal. If your daily goal is unreasonable, then you shouldn't be in rideshare.
  10. Coachman


    Uber is my excuse for not getting a real job.
  11. tHE coachman always rings twice.
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  12. The ungreatful pax and little money.
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  13. sirius black

    sirius black

    I watch this on loop, only I do it for Travis, man. I do it for Travis !
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  14. Lol yes me too. I want more money, yet I don't want a pathetic boss who thinks he's a god, and annoying kiss ass co workers. My parents, girlfriend, friends, all put pressure on me to get a job.
  15. This comment got me thinking.
    I've been working non stop since I was 17. Have never received a single unemployment check. Been fortunate to be at my current job for 17+ years,
    But having a job and keeping it is not easy.
    Yes, I would love it if Uber paid more. But if Uber paid good money, it would almost be a crime. Think about it.
    Not anyone can get into a good paying job. It's hard. Even if you have the qualifications, there's competition. ANYONE can drive for Uber. No interview to dress up for an prepare. No resume to work on. No schedule. Hell, you could have obscene tattoos all over your body and Uber is about the only place you can still work for.
    This is too easy! I enjoy doing it. But if I was making enough were I might consider quitting my full time job, which I understand many did in the early days, then something is wrong. Making money shouldn't be that easy. It never has before.

    Just my 2 cents
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  16. Yes it was. It's called being a taxi driver and I made one thousand a week. It's called twenty years ago when you got out of high school and made fifty grand a year. Don't be one of those morons that think everyone should make minimum wage and that you are some kind of special person because someone GAVE you a good job. That's all the job market is, you go into an interview and someone judges you. UBER is a crime because we are using are very expensive cars and are not making enough to keep the cars running. It should be outlawed and if people don't like it, they should ride the bus. High school students don't need a personal ride to school, that's what the bus is for. It's called regulations, same as the taxi cab companies have, and same as UBER should have but they get out of it by calling themselves an APP. You are not special cable guy one, you have a good job but that's it. It doesn't mean everyone else shouldnt have one.

    ALSO you are talking to someone with a masters degree. Companies don't want to pay people like me because they'd rather have someone like you to do it for cheaper.
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  17. I don't think I'm special. I work hard. Special would be those lucky enough to make a lot of money and not having to work too hard for it.
    And for the record, I absolutely believe Uber drivers should be paid more. No one should be losing money.
    My comments were in response to your comment about not wanting a real job because you'd have to deal with a boss and co-workers.
    That's real life. If you have the ability get a decent job with stability, especially if you have a masters degree as you stated, you should suck it up and do it.
    If not for you, for your parents, girlfriend and friends, who obviously see you struggling which is why they're telling you to get a real job.

    Not trying to knock anyone that's just trying to survive. Many driving for Uber lost they're jobs, just need extra cash, or whatever the case may be.
    But your previous post made it seem like you're driving for Uber because you're too lazy to do a "real job". Those too lazy for real work can't expect to find an easy job making tons of money. That's all I'm saying.
  18. bestpals


    Travis, as pathetic as they come yet he thinks he is a god and you work for him. Don't let anyone full you with your an Independent Contractor, You WORK for Travis.
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  19. swingset


    Columbus, Ohio
    That's a clue.
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  20. Dude, come to Phoenix. I make a min. of $15/h on weekdays and today, I was out there making $21/h. It even peaked at $23/h today, but then I had about an hour of getting no requests (partially my fault for driving to the wrong area), and it dropped back down to $21. After about 46 hours of driving this week, I averaged about $16-17/h for all days (weekdays and weekends included).
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