How do you spend your uber earnings?


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How do you spend your uber earnings?

  • investing?
  • pay bills?
  • spending money?
  • saving for new car?
  • saving for home?


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Uber earnings aren't enough to spend. I gamble with it to make real money..



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strippers and booze.

Lol, no on a serious note i like to have money and not worry that the next week if i dont make enough im gonna be short on my payments.
Thats why if its a dead weekend on uber i dont stress about it

Uber flop

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I spend it ubering coke and messy w.h.o.r.e.s. To my place


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Mr. Wakko

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I spend all on Dollarama. The $0.79 candies are the best. Then, I eat them all while doing Netflix Marathon.