How do you let a pax down easy when you want to decline a trip?


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I know we all fantasize about just flat out declining a pax a trip for whatever reason here, but I'm finding that hard to do in practice without being irritable about it, The last pax I canceled on (for trying to cram 5 people in an UberX) I simply said 'I don't care about your reasoning" when she tried playing the song and dance about why I should treat my car like a jitney. Sure, she was irritable in kind towards me, but I actually prefer avoiding confrontation as much as possible; I didn't have my coffee yet that day since it was before 8 AM.

On the opposite end, a pax greeted me and warned that he wanted to go to Mamhattan before he got in the rose. I explained to him lightly that I wasn't doing anymore trips there that night and he nodded and went back inside the house, I didn't charge when I canceled because he was honest enough to warn me when Uber wouldn't.

How do you normally decline pax? Do you use the same excuse? Do they tend to be just as confrontational as mine was, or do they just concede and order another one?