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How do you handle pax that say I will be out in a few minutes?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Nonya busy, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. I give them 2 minutes then I am on the phone . This usually gets things moving . If it doesn't I am cancelling at 5 . Unless of course it is a ride I know I will make decent money on then I will be much more tolerant .
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  2. Now you know we’re not talking bout the pax running looking a hot mess to the car in a rush. If they are respectful I tell them no worries and wait. As for respect, you gotta value and respect your time yourself if you want anyone else to. Let’s not forget who calls who for service a service We provide. Would you go out to a busy restaurant and be on your phone while someone is trying to take your order while the person next to you is starving. It’s no sdifferent to rides and pools. People are rude and ignorant, it’s not them I’m mad at, they pay who knows how much so they feel entitled to do as they wish but the thing is we’re not getting the bigger cut so they need to be check. They can get a refund if they want. Uber can take the hit. If I screw up I refund the trip sooo.... step up Uber....
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  3. reg barclay

    reg barclay Moderator

    rockland/westchester NY, new jersey
    I sit and wait. I guess it depends on the rates where you drive. In my area I get nearly 30 cents a minute for pre trip wait time, which is almost $18 an hour. It's hardly a fortune, but I'll gladly sit and do squat for that amount. This all assumes that they texted that they'll be out though, otherwise I usually cancel straight after the timer hits five.
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  4. Rushmanyyz


    I agree with a lot of what you said but you guys keep missing my point. Don't be an unnecessary jerk about it. Telling them off is utterly pointless snd only gives bad PR.

    If you want proof that people don't listen to information counter to their biases, look no further from your response that didn't, a single time, address the entire point of what I said.
  5. You are ****ed with Uber, as for lyft they have an option for unfair rate, end the trip.
  6. TDR


    They do. They say thank you for waiting:)
  7. Nonya busy

    Nonya busy

    Yes, I think new york has some of the highest rates. Chicago on the other hand taunts the lowest rates. https://www.americaninno.com/chicag...ensive-city-in-america-for-uberx-rides-chart/

    I don't think it's pointless. Because often you hear people complaining about drivers cancelling on them. Some people might think we don't mind waiting. Therefore, they know why e canceled.

    Also, your health is important. It relieves some of my stress to tell people i'm a person and not a free servant versus allowing uberlyft to continue to push me around for pennies and fear of deactivation.
  8. vtcomics


    New England
    I waited about 20 minutes for a pax a couple months ago; turned into a long distance pickup and a long trip to boot for a nice $50 run; including the sweet $10 tip. At the other end of the spectrum I waited 5-6 minutes for a Spicoli stoner who stunk up the whole car with clouds of reefer smoke for puny $4 ride....with no tip of course. Bogus!
  9. Rushmanyyz


    You know what else I hear about ALL the time? Dumbass Uber drivers who can't find a rider standing plainly out in the open, in a completely legal pickup area. The amount of really good fares I get like that is astounding.

    It takes no time at all to call a rider and see what the issue is. Sometimes it's worth fixing, other times not but one thing I do know, it's not worth making a terrible person out of myself to berate, belittle, condescend, or just be cruel for no reason at all.

    If you need to tear down other people in order to make your life better, you're a reprehensible human being and I gave no qualms whatsoever in telling you that.
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  10. 5 minutes and then I cancel even if I see them coming
  11. I cancel as soon as I qualify for the Fee. Any other approach is Rewarding Bad Behavior. .
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  12. Nonya busy

    Nonya busy

    You actually believe the pax when they tell you they were feet to the curb in plain sight but driver cancelled because they couldn't find them?
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  13. Rushmanyyz


    Yeah, I do. Why wouldn't I? They were great riders for me and gave me 5s. But I don't hate you. I mean, you make me look infinitely better once I come along and explain to them how they can and should ask for a refund.
  14. Roll the Dice
  15. UberHammer


    Between the saw and nails
    That article is over 4 years old, and was before the HUGE Uber pricing change in January of 2015 where lots of cities smaller than Chicago like Orlando, Nashville and Cincinnati took HUGE price cuts.
  16. Nonya busy

    Nonya busy

    Yes but Chicago has taken more price cuts as well.
  17. Ms.Doe


    Too much work!

    At 5:00, hit call pax button, hang up cancel, unless I want trip, in which case, I start ride.
  18. “Chicago has taken more price cuts as well”

    .........AND A high murder rate, coincidence?
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  19. HPClays


    You passed up on the Stone Cold Multiplier. Getting a No Show fee and then picking up that same passenger is by far my favorite experience when driving for Uber.

    Just waiting and getting a "no show" cancel fee is NOT shuffling. Shuffling is so much more

    This is shuffling....or incompetence. But it is a direct result of Uber's mistreatment of drivers...thru attrition or malice.

    How many of you people have ever had a repeat Uber passenger? In a major city it's almost impossible because it is systematically avoided. So what good does showing goodwill towards a passenger get you...nothing...maybe it's easier on the next ant that comes along. Big deal.

    Now, if you shuffle or just no show cancel on these d-bags, the inconvenience alone is enough to drive more of them away from rideshare altogether. Destroy the customer base by destroying the product. That is the way to destroy Uber. I'm not in this game for profit any more, it's revenge. Every passenger using Uber/Lyft is enabling Uber/Lyft to exploit drivers out there that are bad at business math or too stupid and void of skill to get a job that preserves dignity.

    I know some of us are smart enough to work the angles. My public service project is killing Uber. We are accepting more volunteers.
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  20. The word “Shuffling” is like using “Hood Winked” to describe Cheating.
    “ScamShaft” is current
    It’s more descriptive & accurate than shuffling.
    Make a note
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