How do you get into the queue for LAX Pickup/can you wait?


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I know there's an area next to the TNC lot where there's a few streets you can park on like business area I saw a bunch of uber/lyft drivers parking there and waiting. I also saw what looked like a ticket lady walking up and down the street, when I tried to enter the area I got a message "Queue full leave the area so you don't get a ticket".

Was that lady giving tickets to Uber/Lyft people parked and not in the queue? If so that's a dumb rule there was plenty of non-permit street parking on these streets I saw and how am I supposed to get into the queue if it's always full?

Do people just take off all their placards on the street inside the zone walk away from their car and keep the app open to enter the queue? I saw a bunch of what looked like people not Uber/Lyft sleeping there so I know its ok to just park. Whats the secret?

I hear about these people just doing airport pickups non-stop how exactly do you do that, someone please explain? Thanks!

I only want to do airport runs weekday mornings when it gets super slow and I'm sure that queue will be super full.

Also is there an assignment zone for the Burbank airport?

What are the best days and time to wait for pick-ups at LAX? I keep wasting a ton of gas driving around for rides so this seems to be a smarter choice.


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The secret is if the queue is full go away! There is no money to be made at the airport with a full surgeless queue.