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How do you deal with jaywalkers?

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Leonard818, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Cynergie

    Cynergie Well-Known Member

    San Francisco
    This is still 100% true in San Francisco. Homeless ppl jaywalking wherever they feel like it in the Tenderloin is actually hysterical to watch. It never gets old :D
  2. Uber_Yota_916

    Uber_Yota_916 Well-Known Member

    Btw, never hit a single one. They get the message and move their ass.
  3. ATX 22

    ATX 22 Well-Known Member

    Austin, TX
    SXSW in Austin is a giant cluster**** of people walking while staring at their phones. Lights mean nothing to these people. Just remain calm and don't hit anyone. Pax really don't like being delayed by police reports.
  4. MyrtleBeachDriver

    MyrtleBeachDriver New Member

    Myrtle Beach, sc
    Driving in a tourist town in the downtown area, they pop of the sidewalk whenever they please without looking. They'll be texting and believe once their feet hit the ground all drivers must instantly stop.
    What's worse is they do it 10 feet from crosswalk as they "Don't want to be inconvenienced " in using the crosswalk. Most of them are wearing darker clothes you ca my see in low lit areas.
    Very aggravating. Sad that it takes an incident to happen to get everyone's attention.
    Just as bad as the cyclists on the wrong side of the road, but that's a different topic.
  5. prop

    prop Active Member

    Boca Raton
    In some places pedestrians still automatically have the right of way and you are required to yield to all pedestrians in crosswalks no matter what the light says. In a big city like DC, LA, NYC they usually have jaywalking laws that alter that, but for those of us who drive in suburban and smaller cities, no dice. Its a very locale based issue.

  6. empresstabitha

    empresstabitha Well-Known Member

    The only humane way... run them over and make their death quick.
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  7. Wardell Curry

    Wardell Curry Well-Known Member

    Red rover, red rover, run em over. Problem solved.
  8. Mr. G

    Mr. G Member

    Bay Area
    Depends who it is. If it's me, it's okay. Travis, run him over. Anyone else, honk my horn.
  9. tallnfla

    tallnfla Active Member

    miami/central fl
    Like most stated they have the right of way when in the crosswalk. But they cant just step in . front of you with no time to bring the car to a stop
  10. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.
    You people would love crossing Bourbon Street at 2 am.
    A sea of people , drunk, streaming from every direction.
    Anger a crowd and they may crush your car like a beer can with you in it.

    You people
    Have No Idea of jay walking.

    Imagine if you will
    Driving your car through the Mall
    Christmas Eve
    And the mall is full of Drunks

    One loud mouth pax in the car
    Can get everyone ripped apart
    Limb from Limb in an Instant !

    Where a half nude drunk may spontaneously decide
    The Hood Of Your Car
    Is perfect for dancing. . . .

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    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017
  11. TedInTampa

    TedInTampa Active Member

    Tampa FL
    Here I thought it was going to be about our pax flagging us then stepping out into the road crossing the turn lane and wanting to get in. The cop told me he could have given me a $135 ticket.

    I see several heavy pedestrian areas around here with crosswalks that have instant on flashing lights. Pedestrians push those, we are to stop. Works better than them p l aying Frogger.
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  12. ATX 22

    ATX 22 Well-Known Member

    Austin, TX
    You just described 6th Street in Austin perfectly on a weekend night.
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  13. popcollar2014

    popcollar2014 Active Member

    San Diego(America's Finest City)
    Just easier to always yield to the peds.
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  14. JollyJames

    JollyJames New Member

    Dayton, Ohio
    No different than if you T-Bone someone who pulls out in front of you. Even though it's their fault. If they die.. you go to jail.
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  15. Karen Stein

    Karen Stein Well-Known Member

    St. Louis
    As much fun it is to run over jaywalkers - they really scream if you can catch them and drag them a bit, but lose volume after a few blocks - it's really hard to clean your car afterwards.

    Plus, there's all that annoying paperwork if you're seen by a cop. Can't make much money when you're sitting down at the station, chained to one of those little desks.

    So, I try to avoid them. Mind you, I'll make sure to check my blind spots before I dodge. I won't let "Shuffles" cause me to do something dumb.

    Nor will I let someone endanger me. Should the pedestrian start looking at me the way a wolf looks at a trapped rabbit, all bets are off. Jump on my hood? Sure, I'll take you home, where I have a very nice shovel. Haven't buried anyone since .... yesterday. True fact. (Rest in peace, Fluffy!)
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  16. JJS

    JJS Well-Known Member

    Pedestrian polo....
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  17. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.
    You know what i am talking about then.

    They dragged one six and a half miles New Years eve !
    From the French Market to across the Mississippi River on an exit.
    SIX and a HALF MILES !
    Video Cameras everywhere.
    It happened in front of hundreds of people and he was standing by his friends !
    The car raced up one ways and tbe license plate couldnt be recorded.
    A young man just out of college.
    His family has come down several times to plea for a lead in the case.
    Can you imagine what the body looked like after being drug under a car over 6 miles?
  18. Emp9

    Emp9 Well-Known Member

    Fairfax VA
    they are protected, you should see them in arlington/ clarndon area near me. walk willy nilly across the road, and if you hit one , you are in big trouble.
  19. Retired Senior

    Retired Senior Well-Known Member

    OK, I have only read 2 pages of these posts. This is what I think: This real problem is one reason why self diving cars will not work without very real cultural and legal changes. As long as oblivious idiots, and malicious malcontents, can halt traffic by walking in front of a self driving car, the concept simply will not work.
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  20. Rat

    Rat Well-Known Member

    Tallahassee, FL
    Those are known as "organ donors".
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