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How do you deal with dogs?


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So pulled my first shift today, and was sent to a rural area of the city (lots of cows in peoples yards and one house I delivered to had an open garage full of chickens with a rooster standing guard). One house had no one home and a dog tied to the porch, who would not let me go near. A call to the customer led me to an answering machine, and a call to support did not help either as they could not reach her. I was almost an hour away from the warehouse and didn’t want to be forced to drive all the way back there, and was not comfortable throwing the item onto the porch, so I left it in the crook of a tree with a bicycle tied to it (not visible from road) and left a voice mail to customer telling her where it was. Does that sound like a good solution or am I going to get in trouble?

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You're not going to get in trouble. You delivered the package. It's in a safe place. The customer was notified. You're good. Sometimes when you toss a package past a dog the dog will go after the package.

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I actually did that one time. No one was home and I had yellow envelope. As was putting it over a fence ,a pitbull jump the fence and grab it right out of my hand so I marked it as delivered to a member of the household lol
Make sure you hand it to them nicely, otherwise you get deactivated.

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I'm starting to really dislike dogs. Been bit by one that slipped through a fence and a couple weeks ago I got the typical don't worry she's friendly. The dog lunged at me and I shoved the box in front of me and she but it. Guy was all surprised. I'm so sick of dogs barking at me.

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If it were not of that I would not in the predicament I'm in. Then the news shows someone walking by and shooting the dog. Dude that's the wrong address ugh.... I just have to sit back and let Karma take it from here....

I actually had someone with a Calico cat yesterday. Only in Newport smh. Short trip but it was all good. MoVal, read my write up in the IE section ? Not about dogs though.


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Ye! I usually save my chicken bones for this purpose.so i make sure i have a bone handy when i head towards the area.

Every dog prefer a bone than the taste of human flesh.

Secondly i have a strong rod i carry around no matter big the package is. If dog is not satisfied with bone, he gets a hard knock.
You will be charged with cruelty to animals.

Dogs will choke on chicken bones.
They will die a slow and painful death from chicken bones. This driver should be shot.


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Dogs will choke on chicken bones.
You will be charged with cruelty to animals.

They will die a slow and painful death from chicken bones. This driver should be shot.
Is this true?

We've had dogs for as long as I can remember (50 years) and we've always fed them chikin bones.

Our chihuahua loves the left over Buffalo Wings bones. Eats them up completely.