How do uber rides compare to taxi rides?


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To anybody who has ridden both. How do they compare? I know taxis cost more - is it worth it? Or is uber a better experience?

Another Uber Driver

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In my market, with all of the inconsistent fees that Uber tacks onto the fare, plus the D.C. TNC tax, the difference ain't all that much no more. If there is even a mild surge, it is more expensive than a cab.

GF and I usually ride UberX to the ball park and Uber Taxi back. It is difficult to get a cab in the neighbourhood in D.C. where I live.

The UberX driver never comes to the correct address. I must send him a message that gives the correct address. The UberX driver keeps trying to hug the GPS and go the convoluted route that it dictates. I want to get there before the seventh inning. If we go the route that the GPS indicates, we might not get there until the eighth inning. I have had a string of dirty, smelly, falling apart Uber Hoopties, of late.

The last UberX that I got, though, was pretty good. He had a clean car in good repair; he bathed, as well. He did not know where he was going, but, he did not try to keep hugging his GPS after I told him to ignore it. He was a nice guy and a good driver who was just busting his [donkey] to pay for his family: wife and child.

The cabs that I have gotten from Uber Taxi all have been clean and in good repair. The drivers all knew where they were going. The last two were even laughing at the route that Uber's Jippy Yess was suggestion. GF had to spill the beans about my being a cab and and Uber/Lyft driver.

The cab, of late, has been the better experience. From the ball park, it is even less expensive, as when the game ends, the surge is a 2,3 minimum.

People are still using cabs in the Capital Of Your Nation for several reasons. Odds are that this is one of the reasons that Uber does offer taxis here.