How do I get out of the Airport que after dropping off a passenger at the Buffalo Airport......


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I have to drive all the way to either the Galleria Mall area or almost to Salvatores on Transit Rd to get out of the Q, is there an easier way?
Also, I'm new to this gig(for me it's a 2 day a week hobby NOT a job) and I think I might be posting a lot!
Just earned Uber Gold, I like seeing where I'm going and how long the ride is, but other than that I see no huge advantage.
Gold rating is nice because it shows you that you’re traveling 12 minutes for a 6 minute ride. It’s a gimmick. You will soon see a lot of long pickups and a lot of requests from passengers who have 4.60 (or less) ratings. It’s almost as if they are testing you to get you to fail all of the requirements to keep the gold status.
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After dropping off at the airport, just go park at McDonald’s and take the work from the hotels that are outside of the queue.


It's a catch-22... Gold shows you the crappy rides, so you decline them. Eventually, you fall below 85% acceptance rate and then they don't show you that little tidbit of information anymore.

I have been getting "Long Pick Up Premiums" for pickups that are about 12 min+ away. Usually... they're coming back into town, so it pays off.