how did eveyrone do this morning? it was primetiming pretty good


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Arlington was a little busy for like 5-10 min after 8 am. Idk wtf is going on with Tuesday's and Wednesday's, the slowest days of the week. I don't get it.


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Where do you guys drive? It was a pretty busy morning with plenty of surge. Made $70+ in 3 hrs.


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I slept in. Worked all yesterday. But I suspect civilians will be trickling back in all week


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It was slow in my area still. I didn't want to be drawn into the mess that is 'expected surge' since all surges to me are fake unless I'm in them and I get requests w/ the surge / primetime attached.

Another Uber Driver

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Usually it is not a problem to keep customers in the car on Terrible Tuesday, it is more sitting in the traffic and dodging the worse than usual driving. The horrid driving is due to people's returning to work after so much time off and is augmented by the Escalades, Yukons and Suburbans showing trade dress as well as the expanded Camry Brigade. Usually it is the traffic on Terrible Tuesday that keeps you from earning too much money rather then the lack of customers.

Any more, I am too old for that stuff, so I do not work on Terrible Tuesday.

I will be out there to-morrow---in the cab. No Quest for me this week, I guess....perhaps the weekend.