How can you do this to us on New Year's Eve?


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I drove 12PM-5PM on New Year's Eve and the trip below was my 2nd trip of the day but the 1st trip in the New Orleans area:

I was parked somewhere in Uptown where I received an unusual Ping "pick up premium, 2.5 mile pickup, 12 minutes". I don't think I've ever gotten a pickup premium ride uptown. I didn't realize 2.5 miles was pickup premium but whatever it was a 25 minute estimated Uber Comfort Ping so I figured the ride was profitable so I accepted it. 15 minutes and 3.5 miles later (yeah Uber fibs a lil bit on their pickup times and distance to get you to hit accept) I show up. The family starts trickling out the door one by one and Little Timmy was the first out of the door and he hurries to my car and sits in the middle seat. Helooked eager and excited to get the day going..."Good morning how are you doing today?" he replies "Fine and how are you doing?" "I'm doing fine, Happy New Year's to you" and he says "Happy New Year's to you". I think to myself he's a well behaved 10 year old-ish young man. The rest of the family starts trickling in. Grandma makes her way behind the Drivers seat next me and shuts the door "Good morning Ma'am" she replies "Good morning". A moment later the Mom makes her way to the car and sits in the backseat behind the passenger seat she had her daughter with her. And then almost simultaneously before I was gonna say something to the Lady the Dad opens the front passenger door and starts adjusting the seat back a bit "How's it going are you busy today".... I roll my eyes because he's not even in the car yet and he's asking "how's business" questions. Sounds like it's gonna be another 101 Uber Question Trip. I didn't even answer his question because something isn't adding up.

Ok let's recap. We have grandma behind me, little Timmy in the middle seat, Dad in the front seat and Mom in the backseat behind him. At that moment I see that Mom (the account holder) has her daughter on her lap and she begins buckling her seatbelt. I said "Whoa, there are too many people in this car you have to cancel and reorder". Mom says "It's perfectly legal to have my daughter on my lap. I've never had a problem with this in the past!" my response "I have 4 seatbelts and there are 5 people here you need to cancel and order a bigger vehicle!" She replied "The App said 5 people can fit". I replied "That includes me. 4 Passengers and a Driver.. 5 Seatbelts" Her response was in haste and rude "Fine, I'm about to just order another Uber and you take them ahead of me" as she was saying that she was exiting the vehicle and grabbing her little 5 year old daughter. I replied "No, this ride is cancelled and you need to order a different Uber". After I said that Dad got the message and got out of the car and little Timmy left the car on Mom's side of the car. Grandma was the last one left and she made a comment upon leaving "I can't believe you did this to us on New Year's Eve, you're gonna have some bad Karma headed your way Mr.!. Then she shut the door" I was very calm throughout this whole ordeal but that comment took me to pissed off mode. I swiftly rolled down the window to respond to the old bag "Bad Karma??, You're the one trying to squeeze 5 people in a car and putting your grand kids at risk!, Who's got the bad karma???"

After all of that only 3 minutes came off the clock. I had to drive around the corner and wait another 5 minutes just to collect my cancellation fee. The Uber Comfort rides require you to wait 8-10 minutes. I had to wait because the deadbeat Mom wouldn't cancel the ride herself. So I waited and collected my $7.20 then I called Uber to report deadbeat parents so that I wouldn't be paired with their asses again. So yeah that was a waste of 30 minutes. The only good thing about this is that I never started the Trip. I never start the trip until everybody is in the car. So when I cancelled I got no revenge 1 star Rating. One observation in hindsight is that Dad's reaction was that of someone who has been through this before. Another one is that she didn't cancel she had me do it. Seeing how they made me wait out the timer I made it a Top Priority to cover my ass and report them. I suspected a false report was coming down the pipe so I wanted to make sure I had an official report on file against them. Anyways, I hope this story for of some value for you.