How are people making this 80 Trips bonus in 3 days??


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I have worked 14 hour shifts and you still can't make this quota in 3 days.

I am so upset that Uber went from 50 trips to 80 in 3 days. What a rip off! Anything to keep us from making extra money.


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Carrot-chasing bonuses is the folly of someone who can't do math. If Uber or Lyft are offering it, you can almost guarantee it's bad for you and good for them.


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Look, as a veteran I learned a long time ago that you make more money by ignoring bonuses and driving for both Lyft and Uber simultaneously. Yes, it sounds great to get a $200 bonus for 65 rides or whatever, but if you are going to actually do 65 rides in a week you will do better to optimize both companies and not worry about one. Your rides will be longer, more relaxed, fewer rides with more freeway miles, and yet making the same or greater money because you are ignoring Pool and Line requests and using other driving techniques that you will soon learn via hard knocks.

So for you newbies, take this above statement and frame it for your walls. You are in business for yourselves, not for either of these companies.