How about Uber-Bar?


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Here's an idea for the folks at Uber- start an Uber Bar app.

Ideal for people who want to go out drinking, but don't wish to pay high drink prices at licensed establishments, and don't want to go out with cash money, don't want to tip bartenders.

Uber-Bar would allow users the opportunity to drink in the homes of Uber-hosts, paying through the app, and giving the Uber-hosts an opportunity to earn easy money as they don't have to have a liquor license to pay for, and have to pay their rent or mortgage anyhow, so there will be no expense to them for the premises.

People have already shown their willingness to open up their private vehicles to drunk strangers, no reason to think that there aren't a lot of people willing to open up their homes to the same.


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Looking at the math on this idea, it fits right in with the original UberX ideal.

you can buy a case of 30 cans of Old Milwaukee for about $15, or 50 cents a can, but they charge at least $2 a can for the swill in a licensed barroom. The bartenders have "rules" , which forget that you are the customer and the customer has no way of rating the bartender if he doesn't do enough to kiss the customer's behind. Liquor licenses, like taxi medallions, are strictly limited in the number issued, protecting the tavern monopoly. It takes no particular skill to pour a beer- just like driving people around.