How’s that UberPro gonna work?


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Having the ability to see the length and direction of rides is great. The trick is using that information sparingly enough to keep the 85% acceptance rate.

So for now I’ll just keep trying to position myself in places where longer rides are more probable, declining rides that are consistently short and using my destination filters to get to another long ride possibility or towards home.

I’d like to have Diamond benefits but I doubt I’ll ever have the metrics necessary to attain and keep it. It seems like you’ll easily keep that status. By the way, when they initially proposed this it included a raise in pay (something like 6%) but I don’t see that in what they’re doing here. Do you know if that’s included here?
I questioned them on this exact thing. I have read on
here that diamond paid 6% more, yet I couldn’t find anything about it on the app. Here is their response, but I am inclined to not believe them:


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No thanks! In 7 hours today I got 3 rides to the airport and 3 rides from the airport. I got a ride to Akron, and then an XL of ladies back downtown for the game. Plus I took the Akron ladies back to Akron after the game (as they requested I do). All without ever waiting. Ended with an airport ride to Portage Lakes. With a couple rides on the return.

I don’t think a 6% bump and $15 of gas savings each week will match the benefits of only taking the rides I think are the most likely to payoff.

Michael - Cleveland

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I served my country for one. For two, this is a half way gig for me. I originally was slotted for a nice construction gig in Youngstown. I have my CDL and HEO license for 10 different machines. But they SOME HOW mistaken my five years of military experience for five years of on the job experience via phone interview. Lucky me. Also lucky me for serving five years, I only have to make up 15 more years in to reach a retirement.
I have no clue how that answers my question of "So tell me, why don't you go out and get a real job, with real benefits so you can live your life and raise a family and contribute to society and leave the menial stuff like Rideshare for the retirees?"
That being said, I will probably be State Highway Patrol within the year. Then probably a U.S. Marshall later on. Btw, relax guy. From the sounds of it, looks like what I said offended you. Does it ring true, old man? ?
lol... a lot of 'probably's in there. Old saying: "Man plans, God laughs." So, by your own logic since you don't really need the gig because it's a 'halfway gig' for you until you get on with all of your probably's, why don't you get out and make room for the full-time drivers who need the work? As I said: self-serving rant.
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Had Gold during HOF week, nice seeing where they were headed. But lost it Friday! Dropped to 80%. Anyone else have problem when Google maps is on top (during trip) I don't hear the stacked ping unless I happen to see the banner pop up? But I got it back to 85% by the end of tonight. Guess I need to accept everything for a while.
yeah - they've got it now so that using GoogleMaps Nav is no longer as smoothly integrated as it used to be - they want us to use their nav (and with the latest updates, it's not bad). I've surrendered and now use their nav instead of google - and I think it's better suited to the job.

btw - had a small group over for a bbq and your name came up: in addition to the burgers & dogs, I cooked a well tenderized and marinated lodnon broil that everyone liked... I mentioned I thought it would have made a good jerky but I had no idea how to do that - everyone said, "Roger Does!" :smiles:
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Cervick7 all my numbers are well within range. So I’m at 276pts so I would say I’ll make the 1000 points needed.