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Honesty with the Pax

Bill Wirth

Well-Known Member
they all ask me about the job and I'm simply honest about how the really good thing about it is the flexibility. I'm honest about regular fares sucking and about how it kicks the crap out of my car. I'm honest about how I like surge pricing so I can make some better money!!! Uber has them all duped and I guess they got me duped! Made about 110 $. This week? Worst week ever. Not trying very hard it's not worth it! I'm canceling on the pax left and right. It's close to the end of the road!


Well-Known Member
I am canceling a lot too.

I made very low as well. When uber was only a couple month old in Tampa Bay Area, I was making more. Nowadays, it is a miracle if you can possibly gross $500.00.


Well-Known Member
It's the way of late summer in Florida for these types of services. I worked for a car service before and he said that he thought about just closing for the month of September every year. It was that bad. Even the locals don't wanna be here anymore after being cooked for 5 months straight. Endless paradise.


Active Member
Last year this time I was netting 100-150 a weekday and now I'm struggling to hit $50.00. Demand at Duke has slowed drastically so far.

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