Homeless Uber Driver


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So I was talking to an uber driver parked in my Condo today.

I asked him hows business etc....

He showed me his pay from uber and he works 90 hours per week, made $2200 before HST and W/T.

He told me he sleeps in car and waits for ping via blue tooth. He has 99% acceptance rate and 0% cancellation. He says he never cancels and will wait for rider no matter how long or until they cancel.

The only reason he has 99% acceptance is because he must of slept through a ping. Buddy had 193 requests sent in 1 week and only missed 1. I've never seen this numbers before, actually, I never thought those numbers were even possible. 192 completed trips.

His rating is 4.58



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Soooo what you're saying is, if i really want that 2K, i gotta put crapload of hours.

he does that every week, or is this like a one off?