Homeless Stalker


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I went to pick up a pax and turned out it was 2 ladies who came across this old Chinese guy that said he was too weak and couldn't walk so they wanted to ride with him in an uber to help him get home.

As they approached my car I could see that he had peed himself earlier as the salt stained his pants and he had a nice fresh stream going down his leg that was still wet. I got the towel out of my trunk for him to sit on. He smelled of urine and seemed to be suffering from dementia. He was able to provide his home address to the girls so they could choose it in the app.

I advised them its dangerous to pick up strangers like that (of course we do it all the time as uber drivers) I let them know if the man is weak and cant make it home, a police officer would probably give him a free ride.

After several attempts to sell himself to us for $5 we finally made it to his destination.

One of the girls went to knock on the door and after several minutes a lady answered. She told us this was her X husband who keeps trying to barter her back into marriage and she didn't want him. Finally she decided to take him off our hands.

They thanked me a lot for accepting the ride and said they didn't have any cash for a tip but they would write me a glowing review. Which they never did.

So all the nice ladys ended up accomplishing was to pick up a homeless stalker who thinks women are to be bought and sold for $$ and united him with the woman who probably went through hell to get away from him.

Good job girls!


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Should probably heeded your own advise. No way in hell id done that. If you are concerned with his health, call for a paramedic. I drive for money, they drive to save lives.

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The obvious problem here?

That those people thought it was ok to put a urine soaked person in your car.

That's what they think of you....and us in general.