Home Made Masks - Here is an idea


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There is a lot of information out there about making masks to be able to wear that meet the city's mandate if you don't already have a store bought one.

My stepson had to make 2 masks as a project for his 5th grade class.

After much research we started scouring the house and garage for possible materials.

There is a good video online where an ER surgeon shares his wife's design that uses HEPA Vacuum cleaner bags that can be made into masks that offer greater protection than N95s but it requires sewing.

His class project was for masks made without the need to sew.

We made a few using the recyclable polypropylene shopping bags

but one idea I had evolved from needing to have cloth between the filter material from a HEPA grade AC filter and your nose/mouth so as to not breath in any of the material the filter is made of.

The Waist Band of Yoga Pants is a hollow tube that is solidly stitched on both sides!

Separate the waste band cutting below the lower seam. We stretched it around a wooden cutting board
from the kitchen and used an Xacto blade to cut it.

Then cut off a section of the waste band about 8 inches long. since you have a hollow tube of material now you can use it to put filter material inside of.

we wanted to make the nose section of the mask the pink part.

Turn the material inside out and roll it a little to get the top seam in the middle where it will be easier to work with.

Fold a pipe cleaner in half (large paper clip, the wire strip on a small bag of donuts, bread ties etc) and use hot glue to attach it in place. This pink area was perfect for us.

Mask 3.jpg

roll that seam back up to the top and then place something inside the tube to separate the fabric so you can cut a 4" slit parallel to the pipe cleaner in the center on the opposite side of the tube (the side that will be closest to your face.

You will use this slit to insert and remove filter material in the mask periodically and to facilitate washing the mask without a filter installed.

Roll the tube back to put the pipe cleaner on the inside and then seal the ends with a bead of hot glue. You can use paper clips to apply pressure for a good seal.

Cut a couple of hair-ties in half and glue one to each side and you then have an all fabric, washable face mask that can stretch and form fit to your face.

After a lot of research I settled on the HEPA grade AC filter we use in our home unit. They use a material that is rated to stop the flow of 99.97% of the virus articles encountered. Dismantling the filter I got a good 7' of 24" wide material to cut filters from. Be extremely careful/wear gloves stripping that silver wire mesh away from it. very sharp tips and sides a bit like razor wire.

Cut a rectangle the size of your mask and feed it threw the slit you cut and you have a mask with a filter somewhere close to a store bought N100 (what I wear out of the house)

Before finishing I had a better ides to cut a strip of thigh material and fashion one that could pull over the head without the need to attach ear loops. Maybe even cut ear holes in it.

Yoga Pants come in some pretty radical patterns!


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Thanks for sharing!!

I was reading about HVAC/Vacuum filters and the articles advised about being careful with filters made of fiberglass. I don’t know how to tell the difference.

This is a good way to prevent contact with the materials. This will come handy.