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Holy crap Instant Pay/earning info is STILL down?


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I have no problems. Do you have new app or old one? Have you tried on a computer or different device? What exactly does it say/do?

El Camino

It was real slow this AM but now isn't updating at all. Also can't see my last few rides on the desktop website as well
Same here. Stopped driving and went home. Missing a busy Friday night because I don’t trust the new app not to cheat me out of my earnings.

Wondering if this is related to the million-plus power outages in the Carolinas? If so I guess I can be a little more understanding but uber ought to know better than to put their servers in hurricane-prone areas. :rolleyes:


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I only went out today because I needed to hit a quest quota but stopped immediately once I hit it.

If they want to cockblock me out of instant pay then they can do it while I'm at home.

So on the website it's saying that one of my instant pay attempts went through the glitches while on the app it's the same balance as it always has been.

.........*sharp inhale*

Who do I gotta get mad at to make this right


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I've been having like 4-6 times the ride volume on Lyft this last week... might be something to try?
Every time I pick up a Lyft Pax my car needs decontaminated. I really really hate everything about Lyft.

Uber is the Walmart of ridesharing while Lyft is the Big Lots.

My acceptance rate for Lyft is dropped to 8% because they never tell me how many miles it is to pick up a Pax and I'm not guessing.
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