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Hoboken Bad Weather Surge Strategy


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Many people in Hoboken do not own cars and they rely on Uber to get them to the airport in the early morning or into the city. Any time its raining like it is now, it surges in Hoboken in the early morning and most of them cant wait until its over. They need to get to work or to the airport. They cant simply wait until the surge is over...


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Did two $5 and a ride to EWR today in Hoboken. Around lunchtime. All ladies. One was a @@@@@. The other two were great. LOL

No surge.


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IMHO, the worst time to be around Hoboken is from 9am to 3pm. No matter what time in Hoboken you go there will always be fares, but I would take a break from 9am to 3pm. The best times in Hoboken are the early mornings 4am to 9am and the evenings from 5pm to 10pm. Just think about it. In the morning, people are moving to get to work, go to the airport (especially Mon, Tues) and they go out at night. No one is moving around from 9am to 3pm. All of them are at work for the most part. From 3pm to 10pm, people are moving around again. After 10pm, you just get the drunks. Drunks are profitable IMHO.

As for Newark Airport. Its not a part of my strategy right now, but if I were going to do pickups at Newark I would focus on looking at the flight list. Some of you are going to insist on going to Newark at all hours and if you do that you wont make money. You will be just sitting at the airport wasting time. There is no purpose in being at Newark Airport, for example, at 3am when flights are not coming in. Look at the flights coming in. But even if you are there when flights coming in there is no guarantee of getting a fare.

My buddy hangs out the airport a lot and some days he only gets 2-3 fares from the airport. A few times he hung out there all day with either no fares or one fare. I bet you if I went to mid-town NYC with TLC plates I could get some fares...


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To all the drivers running in Hoboken, it looks like they are getting new vehicles. There are at least 2 of these ready for pickup where I deliver vehicles for as an independent contractor.