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Hilton Head Island

Are you really making $$ after expenses on HHI/Bluffton?

  • Yes

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  • Do it to keep busy

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We need to get together. Uber is moving us around like rats and we are taking all the bait....

I started driving 3 weeks ago and I have been studying the surge's and how drivers dart to the surge area, even from Savannah...

In a small market like this there is a MUCH better way for us to make $$ and tips...
The key is in scheduling driving time to keep the island in a surge scenario......

If interested drop a line here and or let me know if anyone has a facebook or other method of connection for HHI?


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Need at least three members to add a reply to this post in order to get HH added as a city....


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Add Hilton Head. I normally only drive Friday or Saturday night. I was doing pretty well until a couple of weeks ago. Seems like the summer killed it.


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Uber monsters on HHI make at least $300 a week, why not add the city? Reply if you think HHI should have it's own forum!!


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Just because they said PLEASE DON'T
$200 guarantee when you become a driver in Atlanta and complete 20 trips. Use Invite Code: scottw2557tue WORK

That's an invite code, not a promo code. When will HHI get it's own forum, nobody is going to post
if the city isn't even listed. Hilton Head Island Uber, show you care.


The Bluffton/Hilton Head area definitely needs a forum. As of now, I look in the Savannah forum, for posts.


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- All Uber / Lyft rules for gated communities (plantations) in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC ( as of 7/30/18) -

The following is a detailed list of which gated communities (plantations) charge fees for Uber, Lyft, or both on Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton. This took a long time and many calls. "PASS" simply means the guest needs to call in a pass for you, or maybe speak with the gate guard as you bring them home.


Sea Pines: Uber > Free | Lyft > $10

HHP: Uber > Free | Lyft > $10

Palmetto Dunes: Uber > Free | Lyft > $15

Shipyard: Uber > Free | Lyft > $10

Indigo Run: PASS

Long Cove: PASS

Palmetto Hall: PASS

Port Royal: PASS

Wexford: PASS

Windmill Harbour: PASS


Rose Hill: Show Driver's License

Moss Creek: Open (free entry)

Belfair: PASS

Berkeley Hall: PASS

Colleton River: PASS

Hampton Lake: PASS

Hampton Hall: PASS

Sun City: PASS

Hilton Head Lakes: ?

OldField: PASS

Palmetto Bluff: PASS

You're welcome. :wink:

Lyft is bleeding money by not working out deals with Sea Pines, Hilton Head Plantation, Palmetto Dunes and Shipyard Plantation.