Highest fare/trip you ever had with uberx/XL/sub/black


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This will be for all of us uber/lyft drivers here in the jersey area to post their highest fare they ever had
How much $
Surge or not
Wheater condition if you remember
No names needed just to help each other out to push some more and try to get that really long fare at the highest surge ever lol
Wishful thinking
Let's be friendly to one another lol

Lots have fun


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This was mine with XL
Waldwick to JFK a couple with their kid they requested XL for space
I was 15 minutes away called it in and took the trip
Worked out great


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Right after the price increases at Newark EWR I went down there and started working the airport. At the time, not a lot of people knew about the increases and I didnt feel it was my position to tell them. This one guy got in and we drove from EWR to Englewood where he dropped some things off. He wanted to continue on to Rockaway. It was 51.7 miles, UberX at the new NYC rates, and 1 hour 2 minutes in duration. His total fare came to $143.77 and my cut was $114.94.

Under the pre-rate cut days, any trip to JFK was at least $100 net back to me.

I remember one guy from a while back who wanted to go down to Rutgers, but on the way he stopped off waiting at least 30 minutes at a train station. The trip was long with both miles and time. I cant remember the exact figure but it was over $100.

Here is an awesome deal for those interested. I have a minivan where I can take out the seats for 150 cubic feet of space. I can even rent a small U-haul trailer to put on the back to fit about 150 cubic feet more stuff. If you are moving either up to Boston or down to DC I can help you with the move. Under the UberXL rates its $500-600. You get door to door service along with myself as a helper. Ill start the meter when the van is fully loaded and we are on our way and stop the meter when we get to the parking lot or driveway of the destination. I will do all the loading and unloading for free. You can just sit back and watch while I do all the work.


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I think the guy was expecting it to be under the old NJ rates . He was really taking his time and doing other chores. Now that people are more aware of the rates they are going to rely more on family members and friends to get them from the airport. It would have been probably closer to 50-75 dollars under the old NJ rates. That was another one of my fears. When he looked at the bill at the end, would he then rate me accordingly?


$474.00 new years eve 13 miles 9 x surge.
That's an absurd amount and i am tempted to call nans

My second fare ever was a freehold to hackettstown, waited for him to change and pack, and then drop to EWR. Netted $150 plus $25 tip but really skewed my expectations as a driver. Was all downhill from there

Just for fun Detroit

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I'm not in Jersey but love the opportunity to brag about this trip. 1.08 miles at 9X surge on select. Bright sunny day. She probably thought she should have walked in hindsight. Did a black car run for $328. That's my PR.
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Summer of 2014 had UberBlack Eatontown to Philly Train Station $410. Looked for the pay detail but it isn't on my list anymore.


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Oh snap! Eating crow

But wtf that is absurd. Please do elaborate on rider reaction or any other details on how that went down
9x surge, new years eve. Rich girls didn't care. I told them that I had never seen a surge that high and the ride was going to be ridiculously expensive. they said they did not care and that I should stop at McDonalds. this was the only time I let passengers eat in my car.