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High demand text


Active Member
Dont know about you all but i get this text.message all the time and its a pain. If you do decide to uber that area its so saturated with Uber drivers alll over. I choose to uber in other areas and at different times myself.. ive still been great i only go there if i see the area im in is slow...



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I stopped receiving those texts from Uber. Don't know why, and don't care.


New Member
You can text back "STOP" and they'll stop spamming you, I think.

Those texts are so worthless. SaMo, WeHo and downtown are busy on the weekend? YOU DON'T SAY!


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I like those text so.I know to work the opposite way. You know what text I didn't get? Brew fest out in the canyon with many phones having no reception to order an uber. Me? Gypsy rode 2 sets of 2 for $40 to cook's corner. I told them that is where I am dropping you off to order an uber. I was heading to a BBQ a mile away and able to drink while their uber picked them up at $1.10 a mile. Uber should have helped those people knowing they took an Uber all the way there....in a lonely canyon.


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i used to ignore them, as you should never chase a surge. unless you are very close. but i don't get text anymore, opted out.

i don't need them try and tell me how to drive....i have enough pax trying to do that. i just tell them I Am The Captain of this Ship !