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Hidden Surge After Eagles Playoff Loss

Discussion in 'Philadelphia' started by Antvirus, Jan 13, 2019 at 8:50 PM.

  1. I see a lot of you posting on this topic so I will share my experience with this sh*t show

    I worked from 1-7 and had a decent day. I was 6 trips away from completing the quest and I saved up my 2 destination trips. My plan was to chill, wait until 8pm, massage my last two destination filters in order to get short trips at a high surge and hit the quest. Solid planning imo.

    8:00 comes:
    No surge
    No surge
    No surge

    I then log on without the destination applied, with no plans of accepting any trips.
    (In Fishtown)

    *Ping 3 miles
    *Ping 2.1 miles
    *Ping 4 miles

    No surge and I declined every one.

    I was understandably confused and I figured they were on some bs so i decided to just set my DF and get started. I didn't want to fight for the last 6 trips and lose the quest.

    The first request came through. I accepted, completed then checked the fare to find this message:

    "A rider paid a surge price on this trip. This adjustment was made to ensure you received a significant portion of the rider surge price"

    Surge: $5.66
    Rider paid $19.86
    I received $9.11

    So what are we playing blackjack with the surges now? I wonder how long I was sitting there waiting for a surge that was already happening? I did hit my quest and a few more hidden surges so my plan worked but honestly, this is a joke....
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  2. Ardery


    I was getting pings crazy from 15-25 min away. while I was sitting in my own surge zone (according to. surge chaser)

    i finally accepted closer rides. neither I received any surge payment, but it doesn't seem the passenger did either.

    then I said F this and went home.

    A holes.
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  3. What great guys. They bump it up so you received the “significant” portion of ALMOST 50%. Thanks, Uber!
  4. Makes sense - get you out of the surge zone so Uber doesn't pay you squat.
  5. nickd8775


    NJ / Philly
    When I saw no driver surge I was like "screw Uber" and did three cash rides from Xfinity to Center City for $20 cash each in an hour. People had a hard time getting an Uber because there was a long wait.
    First two were street hails. The third ride, it started out as an Uber trip from Xfinity. Had them cancel and pay me half price, $20. Wasn't going to let Uber keep the surge. Instead of getting 40% they got NOTHING from me.
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  6. bobby747


    long we got app not working properly fee at different amounts as we pay uber for a working app. how many dump ants got $66 to collegeville and uber $200 on xl...
  7. DelaJoe


    Had snow covered roads in lower Delaware and I didn't even drive this weekend.

    Well at least I don't have to take a day off for a Super Bowl parade Uber/Lyft day in Phila this year.

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