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Hi, I'm TVgnus


New Member
Hello, everyone.
I'm a DC driver concentrating on the weekend nights when the bonuses seem to be higher. Yes, I used to work in TV News until I got old. I use the money on the weekends to write during the week (three novels and one non-fiction so far.) Sadly, as many have pointed out, the First Rule of Writing is DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!

I also post on Instagram; black and white photos of Overnight in DC. Check out #lyftwriter. This began when three bikers decided to whale on one another in front of me on U St. NW. I couldn't go anywhere so I started taking pictures. Some work, some don't.

20170416 lyftwriter the Beet.jpg


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Hey, cool, a writer!
Interesting picture though. Looks like the guy is saying something along the lines of "Hey check out this weirdo taking pictures of us" to the woman next to him