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Hi from Tauranga, New Zealand!

Discussion in 'People' started by Rockhoundnz, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Rockhoundnz

    Rockhoundnz New Member

    Hi everyone

    Uber started for us here in Tauranga, New Zealand at the start of February, 2018. I joined up as a driver and am onto my third weekend working part time. I drive a Nissan Tiida (existing car) and am enjoying it so far - 36 5-star ratings in a row, but got a random 3-star last night from someone who was just unhappy with the event they’d been to, and for some reason decided to rate me down - I guess that just happens from time to time. Anyhow, great to join the forum, I’ve learnt heaps here so far! Thanks!
  2. Disgusted Driver

    Disgusted Driver Well-Known Member

    hello and welcome! I remember the good old days when uber first started in my area. The pay was great, passengers were friendly, tips happened once in a while and it was good times. Enjoy it while you can and don't let a single rating bother you. As long as your ratings are over 4.6 once you've been driving for a bit, you are fine!
  3. Rockhoundnz

    Rockhoundnz New Member

    Thanks! :)
  4. 1974toyota

    1974toyota Well-Known Member

    ever hear of a kids group called the Starbugs? or a singer named Jessie Hilell? GL in Ubering,jmo

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