It's illegal? Please explain. Don't just say it's illegal. Quote some case law or fed/state/county DOT laws which mandate that a ride share platform cannot give the drivers the option to choose their territory in which they would like to operate as long as they are operating in the state they are authorized to.


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Simple answer here until someone else cites case law. There is a law that does not allow for destination discrimination. SuzeCB has dealt with this subject with the Hoboken Wunderkinds.


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. ..
There is a law that does not allow for destination discrimination.

...which the Legislature copied word for word from what Uber's lobbyists submitted to them, with absolutely no debate on what that actually meant.

That one extra word "destination" was covertly shoehorned into otherwise boilerplate language about discrimination that appears in many other laws.

I'm not sure the courts would consider what we are talking about here as "discrimination" within the meaning of well-established case law on the subject.


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I always knew garbage haulers were the model of virtue and morality. Tony Soprano should be nominated for sainthood.

Those who can't measure up can always find work as Uber Partners.
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And we, the voting populace of NJ just keep reelecting these lazy azz lifetime politicians. They sat on their rumps and allowed the people being regulated to write the law for them. Does any court in this land hold politicians up to the laws that the NYS Trade Waste Commission used to ban me from the garbage business. The clause they quoted was that I " lacked moral turpitude" or that I was morally unfit to own or work for a garbage collection company. I still laugh about that. But if I was unfit for that, what do you say about a politician that allowed Goober to hand craft a friggin law?
Jesus H. Christ...morally unfit to work for a garbage company??? What the hell did you do, measure Gotti's feet for cement shoes?